In our Constitutional & Civil Rights practice, we assert and defend the rights of national civil rights organizations with millions of members and well as the rights of individuals whose rights have been abridged. We have the depth of knowledge and experience needed to engage with the entire life-cycle of civil rights cases, from understanding the interplay of state and federal law with state and federal constitutions, to extensive experience writing clear and convincing pleadings to courtroom advocacy.

Our civil rights work extends beyond just advocacy. In several areas of the law – principally firearms law and election law – we’ve also been involved in drafting legislation. Elected officials and their staffs regularly consult with us for our significant domain expertise in these and other areas.

A Few Representative Engagements:

  • On behalf of a multi million member civil rights organization, we worked to vindicate the group’s Pennsylvania-based members’ rights to be free of interference from illegally enacted ordinances passed by Pennsylvania municipalities in violation of a Pennsylvania pre-emption statute.
  • On behalf of a federally licensed firearms dealer, we have successfully negotiated the return of hundreds of thousands of dollars of firearms seized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
  • We have negotiated the expedited issuance of a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to a dealer who faced the threat of a business shutdown without the license.
  • We have sued and have also negotiated settlements on behalf of firearms owners, on behalf students whose free speech has been suppressed, on behalf citizens whose property has been illegally seized and on behalf of crime victims whose rights have been violated by government actors. In these and other cases, we have obtained monetary settlements, the return of property and changes to government behavior.