While our firm handles a wide-range of negotiation and litigation matters on behalf of our clients, we are at our best when we’re dealing with the most complex and nuanced cases. We’ve handled litigation for one of the largest national civil rights organizations and have represented a major political party both at the federal and state level. We’ve helped regional manufacturers stave off existential threats and have resolved sticky partnership disputes that – before us – went on for years.

We are regularly consulted by firms across the country on sticky issues in their open cases, and we’re nationally known as leaders in dispute resolution & litigation.

A Few Representative Engagements:

  • After assembling a group of law firms to pursue the case, we successfully litigated against the City of Philadelphia resulting in a judgment for more than $1 million dollars in statutory damages as well as injunctive relief which forced the City to more stringently comply with Pennsylvania’s firearms laws.
  • We successfully defended a national political party against attempted enforcement of a frivolous $20 million judgment.
  • After uncovering malfeasance by an ESOP owned manufacturer’s former President, we pressed claims against that former President while holding off creditors, allowing the manufacturer to find its footing, save jobs and grow again.